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Aras Geo-products

Geo-products are items that have been made by local communities within the Geopark and designs are influenced by the local nature and culture of the area. Local materials of the region have been used in the creation of Geo-products. Establishing the Geopark in Aras can help to develop tourism in the region and by extension, boost the economy.


Aras Geoprodutcs


Edible products: Agriculture products such as pomegranates, apricots, grapes, black cherries, hazelnut and all kind of dry fruits as well as honey and various locally handmade pickled vegetables and sauces.

Handicrafts: wooden sculpture, carving wood into different ornaments, coppersmiths and jewelers make items such as earing and bracelets, metal carving. The city is famous for several other handicrafts including silverwares, wood engraving, pottery and ceramics, embroidery and Ghalam Zani (Engraving): Iranian style of toreutics (embossed metal-ware). Other than carpets there is doll making, postcards and jigsaw puzzles with animals and plant designs from the region.

Sculpture in the form of a local Armenian wild sheep


The Komuz, Azeri Qopuz, wooden mini ornament of Azerbijan's traditional music instrument

Wooden hair comb inspired by Caucasian black grouse bird

Beaded or woven Necklaces and bracelets


Felt dolls with wildlife design


Nature scenery postcards


Notebook design decorated by Geopark's wildlife patterns