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Geopark and environmemt

The Geopark has high biological diversity as its geological heritage. So far, 63% of the Jolfa county and the Geopark area is covered by the Kamtal National Park, Kiyamaki Wildlife sanctuary and Marakan Sanctuary.

 In 1973, Kamtal National Park was protected as part of Kiyamaki Area and in 2011 upgraded to National Park. The Geopark territory is one of the most beautiful natural areas and has a perennial river, amazing cliffs, deep valleys and high biodiversity. Kiyamaki Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the middle of Geopark and includes a variety of animals and plants. Marakan Sanctuary formally has been protected since 1968.

The rich biodiversity of this area includes over 350 native plant species and over 450 native animal species. The most famous animals are Armenian wild sheep (Armenian Mouflon), Red Deer, Wild Goat, Bear, Leopard, Lynx, Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Boar, Rabbit, Pheasant, Caucasian Black Grouse and Golden Eagle. Valuable plants species are Juniper, Maple, Celtis, Populus euphratica, Pistacia atlantica, wild pear, Elaeagnus (Russian Olive), Tamarix, Barberry and variety of medicinal herbs.