8/28/2019 1686

Kiamaki geosite

The extent of Kiamaki wildlife is 96952 hectares, that has been preserved in 1352 and changed into the shelter of wildlife in 1354. This area is located among Hajilarchai and Dare-Dizchai river that has 60 kilometers lengths. ln 1390 northeast part of this region, which is 7 thousand hectares, has turned into Kamtel national park. Important rivers like Kharvana, Dastjerd, Eiri and Ghorbaghalakh, famous waterfalls like Asiab-kharabe, Maharan, Charchar, Siah-Saran and Gheshlagh and springs such as Cheshme-Zolfi, Cheshme-Palangevar,

Ghezel, Pilekhani are located in that region. Many species of animal such as deer, cervus elaphus,Armenian mouflon , goat, panther and brown bear, many species of birds like black rooster, partridge, golden eagle, heron bittern, pheasant and duck are protected there. There are many different types of trees such as willow, barberry, maple, eglantine and walnut, and herbal plants which are grown in pastureland.