1/5/2020 1358

Code of ethics for geotourists

When are engaged in geotours, we mostly get acquainted with the geological heritage, with the help of our approved geotour guide. These geological sites – even if they are abiotic – are also vulnerable, therefore it is very important to take the two basic rules into consideration: As we are nature conservationists, we deeply believe that the information and the sights one collects during a great geotour represent much more precious “treasures” than fossils or minerals collected in the field and put in a display case or away in a drawer. It is prohibited to collect the individuals of any species, to disturb or damage their habitats. It is also prohibited to collect rocks, minerals and fossils by either the geotours guide or the participants. If we could carry our full bottles and wrapped sandwiches to the geotours, we are also able to carry the packaging material back to our place of departure where we can put it into (if possible, selective) containers of waste.