8/21/2019 News 1023

Completion of some geosites of Aras geopark as new touristic destination

Completion of some geosites

In the course of completion of Aras geopark infrastructures, new sites in the field of ecotourism and aimed at fostering the knowledge about geological heritage have recently been developed. Provision and equipment of some geosites such as travertine spring of Gechigalasi, flooring of eastern side of Choopan chapel geosite, rockfall of church-road geosite, ripple marks of Ahmadabad, rockfall of Töhlüm geosite and landscaping of Shalali valley have been finished and are open to the visitors. By joining to the UNESCO global geoparks we hope to add more geosites with rare geological features to our geopark and make it available to tourists specially to ecotourists, geotourists and interested students.